A Short Story Of a Distant Galaxy

Then, as if by magic, a great story from a galaxy far, far away comes to mind.

The Tale of Lorien

Years ago, a race of extraterrestrial beings invaded the planet Lorien. The crew of the starship Endeavour, already troubled by the disappearance of their crewmates in the nearby system, went to investigate the disturbance. They found it to be a mere space rock, and so the ship returned to the safety of the solar system, and then on to other places in the galaxy. The crew carried the rock with them, and when they touched down on Earth, it was transported into the museum.

But when the museum opened the rock up, the iron eyes opened and looked around, searching for any life forms it could find. Just then, the starry-eyed pair in the crystal stood up, and a beam of light hit the stone, turning the jeweled eyes into polished silver disks. The two aliens disappeared into the ship, and left the rock behind for the museum.

However, something strange began to happen. As the meteorite began to cool, information about Lorien began to come from its insides, and the museum directors tried desperately to gather it up and take it back. But they knew that the object was beyond their grasp, and just as the meteorite began to melt away, the information began to disarray too. All they could gather was a few words about a war on the planet Lorien that was about to happen, and that the meteorite had somehow found its way to Earth.

When the star-eyed pair disappeared, all that remained of the meteorite was a dried-out piece of flesh and a piece of dirt. For decades, scientists have tried to piece together the information hidden in the meteorite and study the facts about the alien race that the star-eyed pair came from. But the governments of Earth are still seeking the people of Lorien to take them back to the planet to show them the truth of what they have discovered. And now, as Lorien finally discovers its destiny, the stars are standing silent at the back of the museum, waiting to show the real information to the world.

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