Why Mercury Isn t The Solar System s Hottest Planet

Why wouldn’t I choose Mercury? My decision would likely reflect how I identify with the path of strength that Jupiter offers.

The planet Mercury holds the number two spot in the rankings.

Mercury represents raw, untamed energy. No matter how bold you are, Mercury represents getting in touch with the emotions you can’t cover up.

As the ruler of the seventh house, Mercury resides within fiery extratropical planets, such as the newly formed planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the top planet of the solar system, representing the planet that promises the moon’s power. The moon is going to be the most beautiful part of this solar system, not because of where Jupiter has placed it, but because of the energy that the new moon is bringing.

Mercury has been in the midst of tremendous light that has brought the most destructive storms in the history of the solar system. Therefore, the energy of Mercury’s placement in the seventh house is making this a very violent time for the world, making it very clear that we are the strongest and boldest among all the planets.

To make this the perfect time to make life-altering decisions, you must be very in touch with the emotions you can’t cover up. It will be absolutely necessary for you to embrace the honesty and the self-honesty that you are afraid to acknowledge. If you feel vulnerable, follow your heart. This could be the time when you make your biggest breakthroughs, the biggest mistakes, and the biggest changes.

I’ve reached out to over 300 astrologers for their best advice, and their answers will change your life. Follow their advice and trust that you will have a better understanding of what to do and when to do it.

Some of the best advice I’ve received was from a stunning woman who said the following to me, “Since the sun’s square in the seventh house with the moon in the eighth house of travel and retirement, I suggest that we all move to a beautiful place.”

Her words summed it all up and really struck a chord with me. This is why so many of us are fearful of leaving the comfortable routine.

If you move, you are going to encounter the emotions that you don’t usually have the courage to face.

I may not have known it at the time, but moving to this beautiful place was the best thing I’ve ever done. Moving to this great destination has changed my life forever.

To move to this exact location in the universe required an intense emotional journey to create the level of trust in myself to believe that I am a beautiful, strong, courageous, and powerful woman. This is the greatest feeling you can experience in this lifetime.

You don’t have to be the top in the world to embrace the most important things in your life. You don’t have to travel the most expensive route to have the most value and quality.

Once you accept these things, you will start living a life that is untamed, exciting, and is bringing the energy that you were supposed to create.

Just remember to trust yourself and believe in the value of your life and experiences.

Mercury in the seventh house is bringing new opportunities to you that are going to give you incredible new experiences. These new opportunities will allow you to do many things that you’ve never thought possible.

You will experience new ways of opening doors to the places you want to go. You will make the biggest breakthroughs in your life and change the path you were born on. You will learn more about the planet that governs your life, which is exactly what you need to make you feel empowered.

To make these new experiences the greatest ones in your life, you have to step up to the challenge and show the world who you are.

With a passion for exploration and an eye for understanding, the new planet in the sun’s house is going to allow you to take a more analytical look at your past. You will start realizing that the reasons you feel the things you do are not as deep as you believed them to be.

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