When my father passed away, there were only twelve hundred rupees in the account … Bitter story of Furqan Qureshi’s life

It is said that in order to meet the destination in life, one has to go through a journey full of thorns … A similar journey was also decided by actor Furqan Qureshi. The life story of Furqan Qureshi, who has shown the essence of acting in many dramas apart from Basmal dance, is very bitter and full of difficulties

A boy who was only twenty years old and who was younger than his two sisters … Education was only A level but the needs at home were met very well … and one day suddenly his father passed away.

The news of his father’s departure was a sad one but at the same time it was a painful mountain that he did not have enough money in his account to go … Twelve hundred rupees was a question for this family who Furqan shrugged Qureshi’s shoulders …
the rent of the house was twenty five thousand and the salary of the elder sister was only thirty thousand … but Furqan’s two sisters quietly said nothing without taking the responsibility of Furqan and the house for many years.

Furqan says that I was so thin that people used to say when did I go now … then because I had no idea that I would have to see poverty, so I didn’t have that style and when someone advised me to act, this journey Decided to stay in the shelter of sisters for six years …

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